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Video of Polish Troops

I recently came across some videos of Polish troops in Afghanistan, and what struck me is that if you didn’t know any better – you might think these are American troops. Their uniforms, gear, equipment and guns all look to be at the same exacting standard as the Americans’ — not to mention the fact that they are actually fighting and firing their weapons. This video is very well put together:

Congratulations to Zolnierz007 for a compelling series of videos about the Polish troops in Afghanistan.


Presidential Airplane Wreckage Decays on Russian Tarmac

This video dated September 20 is taken at the site of the Polish president’s plane crash in Smolensk, Russia. The caption below the YouTube video suggests that the wreckage is exposed, unprotected and unguarded, laying on the tarmac like discarded refuse five months after the crash.

There were two especially poignant moments for me: First when the videographer realizes he can make out the words “epublic of P” on a piece of the wreckage – and zooms in on it (min 0:52). Second, when he realizes what the dark red stains at the bottom of the cracked window are (min 1:45). I’m sure this will unsettle some.

New Movie about Polish Fighter Pilots in Battle of Britain

A new movie about an aging Polish fighter pilot who defended London in the Battle of Britain is coming out. The trailer looks promising. http://battleforbritain.net

“Mr. Rogulski (Julian Glover) lives in Oxford in a house that time forgot, alone since his beloved wife’s death. One morning, he sets off for a walk to go and feed the pigeons in Oriel Square.   An encounter with the helpful young Steven (Max Fowler) leads to the scooter ride of his life.

The film pays tribute to the extraordinary history of the many Polish pilots that defended the skies of Britain from the Nazis, 70 years ago today.”

And from elsewhere on their site:

“Few of the Polish veterans who remained in Britain after the War ever got the recognition they deserved: Polish soldiers were not even allowed to march alongside their allied troops in the London Victory parade of 1946.

Battle for Britain demonstrates the strong socio-historical link between the UK and Poland.”

Recreating Warsaw 1935

This upcoming project looks as though it’s made by the same production company that did the video in my previous post. The images of a reconstructed Warsaw from 1935 look promising, can’t wait to see the final product depicting the “Paris of the East”.

Warsaw in Ruins

The Warsaw Uprising Museum has created a high-definition digital reconstruction of the city in ruins after the 1944 battle in which the Polish underground army tried to fight off the Nazis. The trailer is heartbreaking.

The full video can be viewed at the museum in Warsaw.

Animated History of Poland

This charming eight-minute video portrays 1,000 years of Polish history, and in effect captures the historical reasons for Poland’s sensitivity about its borders. In a nutshell: the tumultuous expansions and invasions through the middle-ages, Hilter and Stalin’s secret pact to divide up Poland, occupation and resistance repeat throughout. The video brings some famous Polish paintings to life, shows a 17th century rendition of the traditional Polish Polonez dance, and includes some of Chopin’s most famous notes. Worth watching.