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Polish doctors in Ghazni

In addition to the Polish troops fighting in Ghazni, Task Force White Eagle also has several medical units who are also doing good work:

“Doctors from Task Force White Eagle, along with their colleagues in Poland, are fighting to save the leg of a 22-year old Afghan woman who suffered severe burns.”

The woman was later flown to a burn center in Warsaw for specialized treatment.

“Treatment in Poland is the only way to save the threatened limb from amputation,” said Maj. Robert Brzozowski. “On FOB Ghazni it is not even possible to execute a culture from the wound. That makes it difficult to determine the type of bacteria that caused the infection and combating the infection is a primary concern for further specialist treatment. But most importantly, the Military Medical Institute Burn Treatment Center in Warsaw has vast experience in treating such difficult cases.”

The full article in Polish is here.

Meanwhile, a team of Polish doctors at FOB Warrior saved the life of a woman Polish soldiers found while on patrol. She was in an advanced stage of pregnancy and had been in labor for 24 hours but was unable to give birth. The Polish soldiers rushed her to the Warrior medical unit, where the doctors successfully delivered the baby and saved the mother’s life:

Full story here.

All pictures courtesy of Poland’s ISAF website.


National Guard Unit Stationed With Poles in Afghanistan Comes Home

Last week Illinois National Guard troops came home from a successful  nine-month rotation stationed with Polish troops in Afghanistan:

“During their deployment they worked with Polish Land Forces as part of Task Force White Eagle in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Task Force White Eagle saw more combat than any other Polish military force since World War II.

The Soldiers supported Polish military operations and improved their level of force protection and operational abilities, said Col. Tracey Nelson of Springfield, commander of the BEST A5.

“The impact made in the area of responsibility allows our follow on units to improve on a more manageable situation than the one we arrived in a few short months ago,” said Nelson

The deployment was part of the  Illinois National Guard’s State Partnership Program (SPP) with Poland.

“The purpose of the State Partnership Program (SPP) is to link National Guard states and territories with partner countries for the purpose of fostering mutual interests and establishing long-term relationships.  Through the SPP, Illinois Air and Army National Guard service members participate in annual, joint training exercises with military forces of the Republic of Poland.”