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Poland and China Moving Closer

On November 3, China and Poland signed a declaration of economic cooperation designed chiefly to increase Poland’s exports to China. The agreement will also help Poland and China move closer in other ways by supportingĀ  Polish firms in the Chinese market, and establishes other new connections between the two countries. More from the AP:

“Poland’s economy minister, Waldemar Pawlak, hailed the agreements as an engine for job growth and a new chance for Chinese investments in Europe to flourish. The deals were signed during a four-day visit to Warsaw by Jia Qinglin, the Communist Party’s fourth-ranking leader, and included the sale of Polish copper to China and long-term cooperation by the countries’ electronics and chemical companies.

Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Economic Minister Waldemar Pawlak and Chinese Deputy Trade Minister Jiang Zengwei signed the declaration in a Warsaw ceremony attended by Jia Qinglin, the chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
“Poland may be the place where Chinese investment in Europe will develop in a dynamic way,” Pawlak said after the signing ceremony. “It gives us an opportunity to create new, interesting jobs.””

Earlier last month Chinese Central Television interviewed Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski about the future of Poland-China relations. They discuss a broad range of topics including Poland’s potential withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014: