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Polish Special Forces Fight Taliban Over Major Explosives Cache in Ghazni

The website of the Polish military contingent in Afghanistan reported that last week Polish special forces fought the Taliban at the scene of the largest weapons cache ever found in Ghazni province, and succesfully captured and disposed of over 3,000 lbs of explosives with the help of an American EOD unit.

Their English translation of the news story is here, but for some reason it leaves out the most important part: that the cache, which included 70 barrels of ready-mixed high explosives, was so valuable that the Taliban tried to fend off the Poles with machine guns and hand grenades at the scene.

The materials were intended for the production of roadside bombs, the leading cause of causalities in Afghanistan. Congratulations to the Poles on their most significant counter-IED operation since the start of their involvement in the war in Afghanistan.