I can be reached at: aleks [at] thephillipsfoundation [dot ] org

As part of my research, I am always looking for Polish soldiers who have spent time in Afghanistan. Please email me if that’s you.
Thank You,

Szukam Polskich żołnierzy którzy służyli w Afganistanie oraz osoby z personelu pomocniczego.  Prosze o kontakt ze mna.


5 responses to “Contact

  1. Aleksandra,

    Look, First, let me please introduce myself as much as I can, and let me explain my background. I am an American Army officer in the 101st Airborne who fought in Andar District this past year (2010). I want to say that I have never had any gripes about the Polish people, or their military. However, after reading your website, I feel compelled to set the record straight. Simply put, the Poles now only can control the non Pashtu (that is non-Taliban) districts, and the volatile areas of Andar and Deh Yak have now been transferred to American control. I have obviously worked with many Polish soldiers in combat while I was there, and I have nothing against them. Polish soldiers are extremely well trained, and very capable. What I take issue with is their chain of command, and their Political Leaders who will not let them prosecute an effective counterinsurgency campaign. When I first arrived at FOB Four Corners, it appeared that the Polish were ready to react to mortar attacks, and not much else. The vast majority of the attacks in the district were IEDs along the main routes, and Indirect Fire attacks. The Taliban would set up checkpoints, in broad daylight, less then a kilometer away from the largest Polish base in the district. I even witnessed a Polish military camera identify a Taliban rocket position being established and prepped for fire on FOB Four Corners. The only reaction the Polish Military could muster was to ring its IDF warning bells, and ensure its soldiers were hiding in bunkers. By contrast, the first week the Americans showed up, we positively identified a five man insurgent IED team, and took them out with Apache Helicopters…no big deal. It was clear that the Taliban owned everything outside of FOB Four Corners. In 2010, most places in Afghanistan saw a decrease in either security, governance, or development, but never all three at the same time. Andar District managed to buck this trend. Not to toot my own horn, but when the 101st Airborne arrived, IEDs and IDF decreased DRAMATICALLY. For the first time, the Taliban saw themselves on the defense, in their own strongholds in Andar District. I even experienced a Polish officer accompany us on a patrol trying to figure out how the Americans were so successful in Andar District. The bottom line is that there needs to be an urgent message sent to the Polish Government. If they want credit for fighting in a Pashtu and Taliban controlled area in Afghanistan, they must allow their soldiers patrol freely engage Taliban individuals on site, and effectively secure the Afghan people.

    • Dear Anonymous Officer of the 101st,
      All good points, as I saw many of the same things you mention. The recent article I had published in Foreign Policy highlighted some of these concerns. I’m curious as to how much you think intelligence/surveillance and air support assets are a factor in the level of response they are able and willing to provide? When I was there earlier this summer, and spoke to American officers (many of whom had been there for the past 9+ months), they told me things had dramatically changed and improved with the Polish contignent over this same period last year (which I’m assuming was when you were there). What was the first week you were there? Was it October 2010?
      Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ll make sure to do more follow-up on these issues.

  2. To those that are there in current time. I am preparing to visit this lovely providence in a short couple of months from North Carolina. I am trying to do my reconnaissance of the area to better prepare myself and my team. I to have heard my Polish brothers have done the same, Nastrobia, I too have served with them before and this time seems different. anything anyone has about Ghazni would be great.
    Bounty 7

  3. What if they are from a war farther south.

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