Afghan Villages

I’m currently in Afghanistan, and on my way to Ghazni again, but wanted to post some more pictures from my embed in May. I wrote about the time I spent with the American 2-2 infantry  here.  Here are some pictures from one of the patrols.

Sneaking up:

The moment I remember most — right before we ran across the field to take cover under the far wall:


Climbed up on the roof and this was the view:

Looking down from roof – women and children huddling in the corner:

They told us they were just pipes – no plumbing within dozens of miles though.

Poo pancakes the kids put together and once dried, used as fuel.

Rest of the pictures are here.


One response to “Afghan Villages

  1. Great pics and thank you for reporting on an area not seen by the public. My son is stationed at F.O.B. Andar, Ghazni province, and it is hard for them to take pics and send them as they have very little time. Also, not much is said about them defending the Afghan people on a daily basis.

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